Technical service

Your computer always in the best conditions

At Carpe Diem Technology, you find technical service for any kind of problem in Hardware or Software.

Why should you request technical service with Carpe Diem Technology?


Your computer will be in the hands of professionals with knowledge and experience

Time saving

Your computer in perfect condition for any work, academic or fun activity

New opportunities

Your computer will have the latest technology to do whatever you want to do

Preventive maintenance

Our preventive maintenance service will help you to keep your computer in perfect working conditions.

Corrective maintenance

Our corrective maintenance service solves any kind of Hardware or Software problem found in the previous analysis carried out in our preventive maintenance service.

Gráfico mantenimiento Carpe Diem
Gráfico reparación Carpe Diem

Technical repair

Our technical repair service will help you to restore your computer to its normal operating condition.


Our update service will help you to improve Hardware and Software quality of your computer to optimize aspects of elegance, functionality and security.

Gráfico actualizaciones Carpe Diem

Ask for our technical home service in Bogotá and surroundings.

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At Carpe Diem Technology we help you acquire the latest technology for your life.

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High performance

The most powerful and professional in the market.

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Ideal products for all types of businesses and industries.

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Gaming / Design

The best performance and efficiency when playing or working.

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Home / University

The best products tailored to what you need.