Last update: 14 April 2019

Privacy Policy

This document emphasizes the compliance of predetermined provisions in Colombian law, specifically in decree 1377 of 2013 to guarantee the fundamental right of habeas data and everything established by Law 1581 of 2012 and to comply with internal policies and procedures in relation to the collection and treatment of information.

Carpe Diem Technology is responsible for the processing of personal data acquired through marketing and advertising campaigns, processes of negotiation, customer acquisition, and customer loyalty which are carried out in the retail, in the office and with outside salers by phone or physically, and at the same time, through all digital communication channels used and managed by the company, including website, social networks, chats, email, etc.

The personal data collected by Carpe Diem Technology will be used to:

  • Carry out market studies and research that lead to the continuous improvement of the brand.
  • Promote services and/or products through the different communication channels used and managed by the brand.

Data Acquisition

Carpe Diem Technology will ask for the following data and among other information:

  • Names and Surnames
  • Phone Number
  • Email

The data will be requested in the retail and in the office verbally, by phone or through the format for data acquisition. Likewise, data acquisition will be done through the digital channels of the brand (website, social networks, chats, emails, and others) and salers that work with the brand and those who recommend the brand. Any media used by the company to collect data will be solely and exclusively to provide information about the services and/or products managed by Carpe Diem Technology.

On the other hand, it is stressed that at no time or circumstance Carpe Diem Technology will collect data considered sensitive as political, religious, sexual, philosophical inclinations or data related to personal health, racial or ethnic origin and according to the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012.


All information provided to Carpe Diem Technology was, is and will be provided voluntarily, verbally and/or in writing according to internal processes established by the company. Likewise, digital users when using our website and any social network linked to it will automatically give their consent for the processing of their data.

Use of data and information

Carpe Diem Technology will use the data collected solely and exclusively to carry out communication, advertising and marketing campaigns, in order to promote its products and/or services. At no time, Carpe Diem Technology will share or sell the data and information of its customers or users to any legal or natural person. In case of outsourcing the communication service related to marketing and advertising, Carpe Diem Technology will demand by contract that the company or independent person have a proper privacy policy. Likewise, a confidentiality contract will be signed in order to ensure the adequate management of information.

Storage and Security

By authorizing data processing, the holders will authorize Carpe Diem Technology to store their data in the manner established by the company and indefinitely. All the data will be under safety standards within the reach of the company in order to prevent loss, inappropriate uses and unapproved uses.

Consultation for Correction, Update or Elimination

The holders of data may consult or request any requirement related to their data by writing us through our contact page.


Carpe Diem Technology will respond to all consultations in a period of 8 working days, counting from the day the request is received.

Important notice: This Privacy Policy will be under continuous changes. Carpe Diem Technology will manage the changes and will give the notification through the last update date, located at the top of this page.