Carpe Diem Technology Glossary

At Carpe Diem Technology, we are interested in all our clients and all the navigators who visit our website, have at their disposal knowledge about what we do and sell.

Solid-State Drive (SSD): Data storage device that uses non-volatile memory to store data instead of classic Hard Disk Drive (HDD).
Hard Disk Drive (HDD): Electro-mechanical data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information.
Operating System (OS): Is the software or main program that is installed on a laptop or desktop and it’s responsible for managing hardware resources in order to allow interaction with the user.
RAM (Random Access Memory): A fundamental part of computers and other technological devices. It is where data is temporarily stored while working with it or with programs that are running.
Microsoft Windows: Is an Operating System that allows the administration of the resources of a computer or other electronic device. When you start the device, it starts working to manage the hardware.
Software: They are the logical components of a computer (intangible). It’s the set of computer programs that allow to run the different tasks in a computer or electronic device.
Hardware: Set of the components that make up the physical part of a computer or electronic device.
Laptop: A computer that is portable and suitable.
Desktop: A computer suitable for use at a table or desk.
CPU (Central Processing Unit): It’s the processor that has the logic circuits that carry out the tasks of a computer.
Display: It’s the screen or monitor.
Gigabyte (GB): Unit of measurement of a memory.